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Saying BORMIOLI is like saying GLASS.

Those eight letters are dressed in blue, blue Klein, a color that is a source of pure conceptual inspiration; then, in a second moment, they flare up red in the flames to create just like with prestidigitation skills iconic shapes, multiplied according to the language and logic of pop art. In the background of a clear horizon free crystalline beaches can be caught.


Welcome to the magical world of KROSNO brand, where for 100 years tradition has been mixing with modernity, and art has been going hand in hand with craftsmanship. The brand whose history carries a timeless design and multi-generational experience of masters in their trade such as glassblowers, designers, grinders, and decorators.

Every day small pieces of art are created with their hands and decorate interiors all over the world. Invite them to
your home and see how KROSNO makes moments shine.


We are a modern company in the glass industry with over 30 years of tradition on the market, not only in Poland, but also in the world. We have modern technologies that allow us to provide professional glass decorating services, such as: printing, spraying, decalcomania and many others.

We treat each client individually and try to provide him with optimal cost solutions, while maintaining maximum satisfaction. As part of the order, we design, manufacture, pack and send the finished goods.

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