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Seltmann Weiden is one of the most renowned porcelain manufactures in Germany ad has more than 200 years of production experience. The group of companies developed from the “Christian Seltmann Porcelain Factory” founded 1910 and the “Royal Privileged Porcelain Factory Tettau” (founded in 1794 incorporated in 1957. The internationally valued porcelain for the home, hotel and catering industry is now produced in six plants with around 1,100 employees.


Each Porto Brasil dish is a true work of art, they are specially developed to be part of your most important moments.
There are many options: shallow, deep, dessert, with prints, smooth, with matte and metallic finishes, you will surely find your favorite.


In 2013, traditional Japanese food(WASHOKU)was registered with UNESCO. At Century, we aspire to show the culture and traditions of Japanese ceramics and design to the world, demonstrating the combinations that can be created with traditional Japanese dishes. Our designs are inspired by nature, displaying the beauty of the seasons. Legendary artist Kitaouji Rosanjin once said, “A good dish on the right plate is like a beauty in a kimono.” This is what the craftsmen of Japan would always remember. Our goal is to show the world our passion, products, and designs that will make everyone a fan of Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine.

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