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At glassFORever, you can design your own glasses. They can be tailormade to suit your exact needs and those of your customers. The sky is basically the limit. We can make them just as you wish.
If you require further information or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of the major advantages of
glassFORever products is their relatively low weight. The plastic
glasses weigh only a third of what regular glasses weigh, and this can be hugely significant for the working environment. When the work is lighter, employees smile more, and then there is a good chance that productivity improves as well as the bottom line.


Being unbreakable, they ensure safety in crowded environments such as discos, swimming pools, beaches and all outdoors. Furthermore, because the stemmed glasses are made of a
single piece and do not consist of several pieces assembled, are further safe, because they do not have points susceptible to breakage.

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