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Hairstyling tools – at VALERA we also call them haircare appliances, and with good reason. VALERA has been developing and producing appliances to dry and style hair for 60 years. The focal point and aim of our product development is healthy and cared-for hair – because styling can only make healthy hair more beautiful. Hairstyling with VALERA appliances is designed to be protective, even caring. A high standard we can be satisfied with. We care about you feeling great and looking good. With VALERA products you can be rest assured that you have made the right choice for your hair. We develop our products based on a sound scientific knowledge of hair and rely on working closely with hair specialists from university clinics, hairstylists from the professional association of hairdressers and cosmetics manufacturers.


IN ROOM is a brand created with a compelling vision driven by advanced technology and inspired by uncompromising design. Each of them provides a new level of design efficiency to hoteliers and an aesthetic and practical appeal to their guests.

At IN ROOM, we are for brave designs and inspired aesthetics. Our team consists of some of the brightest minds in product design from across the world. We tenaciously explore the limitless possibilities in design and ergonomics, and passionately discover intuitive and sustainable solutions that touch people’s lives.

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