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Abert is founded in 1929 in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia: Antonio Bertoli starts its story by manufacturing brass cutlery by hand. in the 30’s the raw materials used are nickel and aluminum and in 1950 steel enters in the production cycles permanently, replacing all the other materials. in the ‘60s production automation is introduced and in 1975 Abert is the first company in the world to engineering the processes for the production of colored handle cutlery with the combination of materials like ABS, nylon and wood. in 1987 the company headquarters move to Passirano and in 1993 Abert acquires the brand Facix and the historical Milanese brand Broggi, the market leader in hotel cutlery and tableware. in 1994 it is the first company in the sector to achieve the quality certification ISO 9002. in 2000 Abert
grows and launches a new project for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel with the introduction of a wide range of hotel professional products.


As producers of modern, contemporary cutlery, Grunwerg believe that life should be lived beautifully. They offer understated stylish pieces that should be enjoyed in the company of good food and great friends. Serving the hospitality sector, Grunwerg products are integral to the exacting detail of the dining experience. Whether it be the perfectly weighted touch or the sleek clean lines complimenting each place setting, timeless elegance and effortless style is guaranteed.


From traditional manufacturer to up-to-date modern cutlery production“ may well summarize the more than 90 years of history that Picard & Wielpütz is looking back on. Two things, however, resisted all changes during the course of time: Our high demand for quality in all our products and the trusting cooperation with our partners in the catering trade and in wholesale all over the world.

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